Note This guide only applies on windows

Page Contents

  1. Installation
  2. Usage
    1. Downloading Videos
    2. Downloading Audio
  3. Credits


  1. Download this repo and unzip it
  2. Install this Windows powershell script and run it
  3. When its done installing open Windows Powershell as an Admin and type in:
  4. choco install ffmpeg youtube-dl
  5. When it finishes, open the repository you downloaded and double click in "ytdl.reg"
  6. Done


Downloading Videos

  1. Get the URL of the video (Not all videos are going to be allowed)
  2. Open command prompt or WindowsPowershell
  3. Type cd downloads and press enter
  4. Then type youtube-dl followed by a space then paste the URL from the video you want to download from, then press enter and it will start the download

Downloading Audio

  1. Do steps 1 - 3 from the previous guide
  2. type youtube-dl -f 140 followed by a space and then paste the URL of the desired video
  3. to convert the downloaded file to mp3 use ffmpeg -i followed by a space and then the file name


  1. Youtube-dl
  2. Chocolatey
  3. Wolfgang
    1. His github
    2. His YT
  4. and...Me(cuz I made this guide)